Why PPC Is Superior To Organic SEO

The great divide for online marketers has often revolved around two central strategies. On one side of the fence is search engine optimisation (SEO). On the other is pay-per click (PPC).

Each technique has illustrated over time to be incredibly effective and its success or failure will come down to the execution and circumstances in which it is implemented.

So which option is superior? The truth to the matter is a duel approach helps to balance the short and long term objectives of a brand need to score results on the web.

However, most SMEs do not have the scope to balance these tasks simultaneously with stretched resources, leaving one to be prioritised over the other.

Here we will build the case to argue in favour of PPC over SEO.

Instant Ranking Boost

The most obvious benefit to opt for a PPC advertisement on Google, Facebook or elsewhere is the instant sugar rush of having your brand at the top of the agenda. This is not always the case and will depend on the level of investment and the competition of that keyword, but while an SEO strategy takes months of intricate thinking and testing, your name is suddenly rushed to the front of the queue. It bypasses the need to improve brand awareness, to include backlinks and to tick many of the boxes that makes SEO an arduous process.

Geo-Targeting Tool

With PPC ads becoming all the more popular, sites like Facebook and Google have given brands more tools in their toolkit to market to the right demographic. One of these is the radius and postcode identifier that will ensure users from those locations are made aware of the marketing campaign.

More Budgetary and Time Control

Some marketers have too much of an ego to invest cash to artificially boost a campaign, but those parameters are entirely down to your own constraints. Facebook for example offers a minimum $1 per day boost to score more impressions, but the limit is up to your own scope and resources.

An SEO endeavour will see marketers chase good after bad as the long-term approach sees more risk. Particularly if new competitors come into play or an algorithm change is introduced – optimising can rarely be predicted. The PPC option is short, sharp and shrift to showcase campaigns that have a lifespan of your own making. Quite the benefit and a big improvement on a brand’s short-term standing.