Why Organic SEO Is Superior To PPC

The game of achieving the top result of a search enquiry was never in the thought process of marketers years ago. This was an old school art form that required boots on the ground with commercials placed in every newspaper, magazine and radio/television spot money could buy.

Today online marketers are dealing with an entirely new and unique set of circumstances. In this context, there are two practices that divide opinion – search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per click (PPC).

They can be considered two sides of the same coin, both with the aim of delivering more clicks, impressions and shares. Yet how they go about that end result is entirely different on a philosophical and practical level.

So what is the superior option? Here we will outline the merits of the long-term strategy with SEO having a number of advantages over PPC.


The return on investment (ROI) is something that can be measured how ever often a business manager likes, but the best course of action is to see a campaign grow organically without the need to invest funds consistently. This is what SEO achieves by requiring initial attention before developing of its own accord through clever elements of integration such as keywords.

Authenticity and Trust

Whether you are examining this practice from the perspective of the end user or the search engine, there is an inherent trust and authenticity that comes from an organic listing that cannot be matched by a commercial spot. Advertisements are seen for what they are – promotions that have been paid for by the brand. A high listing requires boxes to be ticked and is achieved by impressing Google and the community at large.

Playing The Long Game

Should your domain not be a fad that is only in existence for a 15-minutes of fame window, then a well orchestrated and executed SEO endeavour will reap rewards in the months and years that a PPC campaign could only dream of. Having a platform that allows you to develop something that is more sustainable with a greater lifespan is an asset that companies should not overlook because it is a framework that can almost take as much time to tear down as it does to build up. PPC campaigns always have to start from scratch whereby a website that is already competitive can score more views by tweaking their existing presentation.