Why Defendants Will Need an Experienced Melbourne Criminal Lawyer

Crime Scene

Hiring an experienced criminal lawyer in Melbourne should be the first step for a local defendant who faces pressure from the prosecution.

Any charge that has been laid should be considered serious, even if they are adamant of their innocence over the matter.

This is where experience counts for a great deal as a defense counsel will need to organize information, build a case, consult with their client and mitigate against risk.

Solicitors fresh from law school can make progress and win, but given the stakes it is worthwhile banking on a criminal lawyer in Melbourne who has the track record behind them.


Gathering Direct Evidence

A criminal lawyer in Melbourne will be able to utilize all of the direct forms of evidence and build that around an argument that will influence a judge or jury of their client’s innocence. Anecdotal and circumstantial forms of evidence are one part of the puzzle, but they are often not enough to ascertain a win in isolation. Direct evidence can be sourced through DNA testing, eyewitness testimony, police reports, documentation and any photographic, audio or video evidence that can place a suspect in a particular location at a certain time – or points to another suspect’s guilt instead.


Negotiating With Law Enforcement and Opposing Counsel

A low percentage of criminal cases end up going to trial within the confines of a courtroom. This is in large part because a criminal lawyer in Melbourne will come to the table to negotiate and talk over terms with law enforcement officials and the prosecution to see what pleas can be lodged and what deals could be struck to mitigate against a harsh sentence. It will be dependent on the nature of the crime, but having an advocate who can discuss terms, offer concessions but make headway for their client’s rights is a powerful asset to have.


Reducing Risk

Depending on the nature of the alleged crime and the charges that have been laid, the risk of being embroiled in these matters can be incredibly damaging to the freedom of a client. A hired criminal lawyer in Melbourne will make that fact abundantly clear as there are potential fines, penalties, personal restrictions or jail sentences that can be issued. This is a category of law that pertains to murder and manslaughter to fraud, rape, robbery, assault, domestic violence, blackmail and more. An experienced Melbourne solicitor has the advantage of the presumption of innocence where the prosecution has to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, yet there is always the threat that opposing counsel can outperform the defence to swing the case in their favour and win a conviction.


Standing as Strong Advocate

A defendant can feel like the entire world is against them in a criminal case. Sitting isolated as a suspect with an aggressive prosecution and justice system looking for action, it is only the aid of a criminal lawyer in Melbourne who can actually give an individual some solace. Whether it is in a courtroom or applying for certain motions and being present around a police department, these specialists always advocate for their best possible conditions. This offers tangible and intangible benefits where laws and loopholes can work in the defendants favour.


Using Experience of Similar Cases

It is almost impossible to appreciate what experience from a criminal lawyer in Melbourne can offer a client without the gift of hindsight. Much of the devil is found in the detail as they can alleviate stress and anxiety, point people in the right direction and surround them with friends, family members and mental health professionals. They can establish firm boundaries where nothing is mentioned in public or social media, keeping close counsel and focusing on what matters.