Vietnamese Restaurant Eastwood


Trying different cuisines is always an exciting experience for the taste buds, this is why you should consider branching out and visiting a Vietnamese restaurant Eastwood. It may seem intimidating if you have never tried the food from this culture before, but after one meal you’ll be asking yourself why you waited so long to taste it! If you are a rookie when it comes to Vietnamese restaurants in Eastwood, here are some facts about the dishes they serve.

1. The dishes served in Vietnamese restaurants in Eastwood are most closely related to Thai cuisine. This is due to the similarities in ingredients used. Traditional ingredients used consist of fish sauce, soy sauce, fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Common meats used in these dishes include beef, pork chicken and fish, as well as various types of seafood. So there is something to suit everyone. Regardless of your favorite meat, there will be an option for you whenever you visit a Vietnamese restaurant in Eastwood.

2. The dining experience at a Vietnamese restaurant in Eastwood is quit unique. In most cultures a bowl or plate is brought to you with the already assembled meal; however, dishes from Vietnam are often brought to the table in segments. This means that you can assemble the food to your liking. Dishes such as noodles, fried rice, sauces meat and vegetables will be brought over to your table and you can decide what you want and how much of it you want. This is great for picky eaters, as it allows you to control how much spice or flavor you want. This interactive style of dining is also a good option for larger groups as it allows everyone to enjoy the flavors together, without the concern of people not enjoying the same thing.


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3. Whenever you visit a Vietnamese restaurant in Eastwood you can be sure to consume fresh food with a focus on fresh ingredients. This means that items such as corn starch and preservatives are not often used. If you love spring rolls, but hate how oily they can be, you need to try a Vietnamese spring roll! These are made with rice flour and are very light but full of flavor. As a result of the fresh ingredients and lack of oil, the dishes from Vietnam are really healthy. The only thing better than delicious food, is delicious food that isn’t bad for you. With that being so hard to find, it certainly makes this cuisine a winner.

4. In Australia the summers can be really hot, which can make it difficult to find something light enough to eat. If this is something you struggle with, finding a Vietnamese restaurant in Eastwood is a must. During the summer this cuisine focuses on lighter meals with a lot more vegetables used. However, in the cooler months, the dishes are more meat based to give you a nice warm, full feeling.

5. When you think of Asian cuisine, sweet treats probably don’t come to mind. However, the dishes from Vietnam do have sweeter options for those who want a dessert after their main. A traditional dessert comes in the form of a soup that is generally prepared with beans or sago and is then served with fresh seasonal fruit. There are also cakes on offer, which will often be wrapped in banana or coconut leaves.

Although many cuisines seem very foreign to us in Australia, sometimes it is worth going outside your comfort zone and trying something new. Hopefully you now know a bit more about the dishes served in Vietnam and have been enticed to try them.