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What to Consider for your Driving Assessment Post-Amputation

a man while driving

Navigating the roads is hard after facing a physical disability – there’s no question about it. You’ll need the support of those around you, and your NDIS provider to have a successful driving assessment amputation.


There are many factors you should consider before going for your examination. To ensure that your driving assessment amputation is as easy as possible, make sure you’re aware of the modifications and resources needed to make your journey seamless.


Here are the main factors you should think about before going for your driving assessment post-amputation.


Your NDIS provider

One of the most important decisions to make is your NDIS provider for your driving assessment post-amputation. Your NDIS provider will be the basis of your experience and lay the foundation for your vehicle operation experience.


From instructors and occupational therapists to advice about your vehicle and examination, your NDIS provider is a vital step in getting prepared for your driving assessment post-amputation.


Make sure that the NDIS provider you choose is well-acquainted with the processes needed to make your experience successful, and that they have the expertise necessary to provide a smooth examination.


You should check the work they’ve done in terms of collaborations with health experts and physical injury therapists in order to ensure that they are the right provider for you. You should also consider their years of expertise to make sure you are getting the best service to help you in your driving assessment post-amputation.


Vehicle modifications

Before you go for your driving assessment post-amputation, you’ll probably need to make some modifications to your vehicle to tailor your experience.


Changes in your vehicle could include an extended indicator switch or a steering wheel aid, or you may require major modifications in order to make your experience safe and functional.


There are services that will help you make these modification and changes to your vehicle. Make sure that you check if these changes can be covered under NDIS!


Remember that you’ll need to bring your modified vehicle into a registry or service centre to register these changes.


Practice makes perfect

Remember that practice makes perfect, and you should be getting lessons before you go for your driving assessment post-amputation.


While you might retain the skills necessary, there’s no doubt that there are some changes you will have to work through, and lessons make it possible to do so in a supportive environment.


It’s much better to face obstacles in a practice situation than in a situation where you’re unprepared. To make sure that your driving assessment post-amputation goes smoothly, take your lessons and make sure that you put in the effort to get to the level you want to be at.


Make sure that you are comfortable behind the wheel during your lessons, and that you aren’t too reliant on there being someone with you. Remember that your lessons are simply a way to hone your ability for independence in operating a vehicle.

Getting acquainted with the examination

Just like all examinations, it’s good to get an idea of what the actual process involves in order to prepare you for when it actually happens.


Make sure that you know the process of the procedure and are well-acquainted with both the on-road and off-road aspects, and that you have a talk with your NDIS provider to clear up any confusion.


Knowing the process of your driving assessment post-amputation will make sure that the actual day of the examination will go by as smoothly as possible and create the best experience for you.


Going for your driving assessment post-amputation can be tricky, but if you keep these factors in mind, you can make the experience easier and more valuable for you.