Shopping Tips For Parents Seeking Affordable Flower Girl Dresses

flower girl

Parents often make some key mistakes when they head out to the store to find flower girl dresses for their daughter.

In the lead up to the big event, they will not leave themselves enough time and rush a choice.

Either due to convenience or a lack of understanding, these errors can be easily fixed.

Just by following a few basic principles, mums and dads can located a quality dress that won’t blow out the family budget before the big day.


Avoid Wedding Dress Specialists

This is a principle that applies not only to the industry of flower girl dresses but retail products in general – when looking for value and affordability, avoid the major boutique brands. These outlets cater to the higher end of town and whilst they will offer quality for money, it also adds risk if the garment is to be damaged, lost or deemed unsuitable for further use. Shoppers can locate local outlets, charities and major consumer brand chains that give customers a cut down price that doesn’t make shortcuts and delivers an item that is perfectly suitable.


Easily Washable

No matter how affordable you believe flower girl dresses should be in the marketplace, items that are hard to wash at home make for a costly exercise. The dry cleaning bill alone can add hundreds of dollars onto the final cost as this is where a breathable but easily washable fabric makes for a valuable investment. This can be sourced with silks, wools, polyester and cotton. How best to settle this fabric debate is to consider the environment and weather for the day. If it is cool and outdoors, a wool or cotton can keep the girl warm whilst a silk or polyester can be suitable for a warmer climate in the sunshine.


White is Not The Be All and End All

flower girl

Often the white flower girl dresses are the items that are marked up and promoted as the boutique option for parents who want that bright and clean aesthetic. However, it should be noted that there is so much variety to this fabric that being boxed into this colour is not necessary. From pink to navy blue, mint green, ivory, gold, peach or decorated with a neat flower arrangement on the garment, finding value can be as simple as opting for a different colour.


Consider The Length

Flower girl dresses should be beautiful and photogenic items, but they should also be somewhat practical. If there is a ceremonial task during the event for the young girl where they throw petals down the isle, it is worthwhile using a length that is not too long. This can cause tripping if it becomes stuck underneath the feet, a scenario that no one wants. It should also not be too short – so there is a need to source material that is of comparable length. It will cost extra to have the product tailored according to the appropriate length, so try and find an item that is already the right size.


Warranty and Return Policy Inclusion

Parents can undertake all of the due diligence ahead of time to save themselves money with flower girl dresses, but there are two fundamental elements that have to be included to offer genuine consumer protection. That will arrive in the form of a warranty and a clearly written return policy. Children will get dirty, they will stain their dress with food and drink and if left to their own devices, it can be lost. Shoppers should ensure they protect this asset and have a warranty that covers them for at least 12 months and a return policy if the condition of the fabric does not hold up to scrutiny.