Right Approach To Australian Football In Schools

football players

Canberra Raiders NRL carves tomorrow’s bright talents of Australian Football in schools. It is extremely important to provide the right training so that we can have the best talents. Lot of things need to be taught. First and foremost, you need to teach them about the team spirit. Skills are secondary, which can be acquired with regular practice over a period of time. It is important to have the right attitude. A good coach can instill the right values in players. This can be immensely helpful during their training.

Things to keep in mind

  • It is important to have a game plan. A good coach can implement a game plan. For instance, some teams opt for long kicking approach.
  • You can go for simple direct football. Or you can go for a strategic approach where you keep your opponent guessing till the end.
  • It is important to practice adequately on a daily basis. Throw in, ruck etc. need extensive practicing sessions.
  • As far as the positions are concerned, it is better to ask each player about his preference. Letting them to play the position they are best at is important.
  • One good exercise you can do is to let each player to come up with their own team. Lot will get revealed by such an approach.
  • Next up, you can take their individual opinion about who would be the perfect captain. This exercise can help you make an easy decision as far as team building is concerned.
  • It is important to have players who can be interchanged. However, you should assign a position for each player. And you have to make decisions based on the performance of each player.
  • When you have players who can be interchanged you ensure enough rest for each player. This is very important.
  • It is important provide the right instructions before the game.
  • As we have already mentioned, the best approach is to play long, direct and simple football. No other strategy can be as effective as this one. It is really important to move the ball quickly.
  • It is really important to contest every possession.
  • As long as you have the ball in possession you will remain in attack mode. You will play defensive otherwise. You need to aggressively go after your opponent irrespective where they are.
  • It is important to create a wall when the ball comes to the forward.
  • When you see a chance you kick the ball for goal. It depends on your proximity to the goal post.
  • You need to consider the weather conditions. For instance windy, wet conditions can make a huge difference.
  • The oval shape of the field is an important factor here. You need to educate the players about it. Having better understanding about the field is definitely going to help them.
  • It is important for them to fully immerse in the game. Half hearted efforts will do no good. You have to motivate them to go that extra mile.
  • Strategies have to be changed in every quarter if there is a weather change. Presence of wind can make a huge difference.