Advertising agents finalizing their promotional products

Promotional Products A Sign Of Success

Nearly everyone has occasionally received a complementary soap package or bathrobe when the leave a luxury hotel, or a free cap sporting that logo of the beer they just bought, or a sports towel featuring the symbol of that tub of protein powder they bought on special, and these promotional products and others like it are meant to give that extra touch to turn an ordinary interaction into a defining moment.

Promotional products are a sure sign of success for any business and are an industry in themselves in modern marketing strategy and branding. Businesses that produce complementary gifts for organizations and individuals with the logo and colours of each clients’ brand are an industry worth over $1.3 billion in Australia alone and around $24 billion in the USA.

Promotional Products to Suit Any Occasion

Promotional products from key-rings to coffee mugs, from t-shirts to ball-point pens, from items of minor value to expensive perfumes and beauty products, are tailored to suit the occasion or event. Your business might be attending an industry and trade fair and the addition of that complementary calendar or USB stick, or whatever small but strangely sentimental item you give or are given, can pretty much guarantee you will do business with the people you remember and remember fondly.

Statistics show that 80% of people who receive a promotional product will remember not only the name of the business or brand, but also their message; and 70% of brand names believe that the use of promotional merchandising always guarantees success and effectiveness in their marketing strategy.

Even churches will give away free calendars, politicians will give away buttons and notepads in a campaign, hospitals will give away pens, and individual salesmen are likely to give more than just a business card often opting for pens and keyrings. There are promotional products to suit any occasion or event.

Promotional Products to Suit Any Business

Complementary merchandise is usually designed to suit the type of business in style, and the way that it operates. For instance, a nightclub will occasionally give away a complimentary keyring that guarantees free entry as a member for life, or they will give away free drinks or free entry vouchers with their logo and brand message on the voucher.

Bottle shops will sometimes be asked by the brand of beer or wine to give away promotional products when a customer purchases that particular type of alcoholic beverage. This could be a pint glass, or a set of coasters or sometimes a discount voucher on the next purchase of that brand. Vouchers are a popular form of promotional gift, but depending on the size of the organization and the marketing campaign it is running complementary products can sometimes be quite valuable.

With online purchases a booming trade brand will often place a complimentary gift in the package containing the item a client purchases. Perfume sellers will sometimes include an emery board or a small vial of another perfume with an online purchase, a clothing brand will sometimes include an extra pair of socks with expensive items of clothing.

It is the physical presence of a tangible promotional product that is the best selling point for any name brand. It has been found that 60% of clients will hang on to a promotional gift for at least two years and for the brand or organization this is great news. With the constant reminder of the brand in the promotional gift, and with fond memories of that brand’s graciousness, the client will likely buy from or use the services of that brand again and tell their friends and family about it.

Nothing oils the machinery of trade and industry like promotional products, and complimentary gifts are now and will always be an essential tool of any marketing campaign or strategy.