How Social Media Boosts Your SEO Efforts

What started as an unusual relationship between one practice and a new entity has blossomed into an intrinsic relationship.

The ability to achieve a higher search engine standing is the world of search engine optimisation (SEO). While this practice has been around for a while, brands like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more are relatively newcomers on the stage despite being part of the mainstream conscious for a decade or longer.

What has occurred since is a major overlap as marketers see the benefits that arrive through these brands. Here are the key factors why they are engaging with these sites on a daily basis.


Inclusions on these platforms are entirely free. Outside of boosting posts through selective paid advertisements, there are no overheads for managers to be concerned about. This freedom of access is incredibly liberating for organisations of all persuasions.

Brand Awareness Booster

When consumers want to examine a product or service, there will be products that inherently come to mind. Whether it be Apple with computers or Honda with motor vehicles, optimisers need to have brand awareness as a core component of their strategy. With a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, this inclusivity boosts your standing and drives user engagement.

Caters To An Organic Audience

When online marketing experts venture out to the market, they are looking for communities of people to speak to. From billboards that target a commute of people to newspapers that identify a niche of readers, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter already hosts a variety of demographics that are waiting to be advertised to. They won’t see it that way as a user, but you will as the brand.

Multimedia Integration

To craft a genuine optimisation strategy, you have to garner content that doesn’t just attract the eye, but keeps the attention for prolonged periods. This is where multiple studies have illustrated one key element that works – multimedia integration is a sexy addition to your content strategy. With social media platforms being user friendly whereby videos, GIFs, images and audio files can be shared instantaneously, that inclusion is not forced. It is just part of the process.

Builds Your Backlinking Profile

To be an optimiser of any repute, you require a series of backlinks from external sources to drive traffic that is viewed through the eyes of Google as organic. Social media sites fit this narrative ideally to channel communities of people and different brands to link back to your domain and craft a network that operates efficiently.