How Much People Can Expect to Pay for an Arboricultural Report


Many people across Australia may find themselves in the position where they will be wanting to remove a tree. There is a wide variety of reasons for this, but mostly it is because people need to use the land for something else such as for putting a building on. While it may seem simple enough to remove the item, humans have actually removed too many trees over the last few hundred years which means that there are now regulations and rules revolving around this. Mixing this with the fact that there are many introduced species out there that have taken over, there are many species that are now endangered that are also the habitat to many native animals. As this is the case it is always important to obtain council approval when wanting to remove a tree and a great way to do this is by organizing an arboricultural report.

Tree in Fall


An arborist report is usually charged per job rather than by the hour

What some people may not know is that an arborist report is usually charged per job, not by the hour. This can make things a lot easier and people will know exactly what they are going to be charged for the task at hand. It is also important for people to know this as they may have a professional come to the property for what they think is a short period of time and so they believe that they may not be getting charged that much. What they don’t realize is that the majority of the work happens behind the scenes when the arborist report is actually put together.

Charging per job also gives customers the peace of mind that a professional isn’t going to drag out the task simply to try and make more money. This will help the customer trust the professional at hand and will mean that they will come back to them when and if they get approval to have a tree removed or trimmed back (most companies that offer the report services will also offer the removal services). Charging by the hour also makes it much easier for professionals to organize an obligation free quote.


Prices for an arboriculture report will depend on how many trees there are

While there are many people who are out there who are only wanting to obtain an arboriculture report for one tree. This is so they are able to clear the item and can then build or extend over this area. In these scenarios, people may expect to pay anywhere from $300 per item. This will include all of the details about the tree such as the type of tree species that it is, the diameter, the height, the age, as well as more. Now when someone has more than one item to be removed, the price will of course vary. In these scenarios, it can be a good idea for people to organize someone to come to the property to put together an obligation free quote.

The reason for this is because some companies may be able to offer bulk prices, especially when the items are similar in age, size, and species. If each and every single tree is different, then this may cost a little bit extra. As these involved costs can greatly vary, it is always best to ring the company at hand to chat with them in regards to what someone may be looking at paying. But whatever the costs may be, it is imperative that people work with professionals in order to ensure that they are doing the right thing by not only their local council but also the environment.